9 things to do on Hindersön

Regardless of whether you stay on Hindersön for a few hours or days, there is always something to do and experience.

1. Visit our restaurant at Jopikgården. It is open Tuesday-Sunday from midsummer until mid-August. Reservations recommended.

2. Take a trip to the old mine and the lime kiln. You can pack a lunch bag and cycle or walk to the mine. Ask us and we will help you with directions.

3. Walk or cycle to the beach and take an ice cream break at the small shop called Skärgårdsblandning.

4. Take the opportunity to get out on the water, rent a kayak or a stand up paddleboard. We will help you find a suitable "route". Read more about kayaking and paddleboarding here.

5. Rent a fatbike and take a ride and look around the island.

6. Sauna! The municipality has a wood-fired sauna at the "tour boat harbor" (Björkögärdsviken) which is open for everyone to use. Booking is done on site. It is also possible to book the electric sauna at Jopikgården - contact us for booking.

7. Meet our huskies. We have a small kennel with 11 huskies that just love to meet you!

8. Take a boat tour to another island. 

9. Read a book and just take it easy, it's your holiday after all!