Husky experience

Why do we call it a Husky Experience? We have a young husky team, energetic and super cute but we need to be a little careful with how far we go with them. The tour will start with you meeting our dogs, getting dog kisses, learning their names and abilities as we see what the day has for us. Maybe we hike with dogs, go on a ride with them as they pull our fat bikes on the ice (dogjoring) or go on a short and fast dogsled tour or maybe a combination! We have 4 veteran huskies to help out as well with dogsledding and bikejoring. We won’t know until you come here what the day will bring. Regardless of what we do you will bond with our dogs and have a great day.


After your husky experience you will have lunch in our lodge.



Adults: 1800 sek

Kids: (7-15):900 sek