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Luleå Archipelago Adventures is a small customer focused tourism company that specializes in small group activities and accommodation in the Lulea Archipelago year-round. Our passion is primarily human powered activities such as fat biking, sea kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, hiking, snowshoeing and yoga, but our passion is our dogs, and our on-site husky farm is where we fat bike jor and dog sled. Locally sourced seasonal food is cooked in our restaurant, outdoors or at our nature camp by our guides which highlights the experience on the ice or by the water. 


Our core focus is nature based unique outdoors activities with premium service and to the highest of standards, but always thoroughly planned, tailored, safe and professionally executed.


Over the last 5 years we have developed and execute a wide range of activities, comprehensive packages which include accommodation and activities as well as the depth of knowledge and experience to build the ultimate custom experience. 

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Meet The Team

Eric and Susanne
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Eric and Susanne are the power couple of the partnership, with boundless energy and always customer focused.

Eric ex-US Army and an experienced Alaskan wilderness guide combines a proven skill set with a passion for nature and sharing with people the most beautiful parts of Swedish Lapland.

Susanne is the resident wellness expert and a certified instructor in Hatha and Yin yoga.

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Shane, ex - Australian Navy, is the logistics and support arm of the trio.

A qualified Master Mariner, skipper, hovercraft and high speed boat captain he works on the policy if it moves he needs to be able to drive it.

Shane loves the outdoors, quiet places and has been in and around the the Swedish North since 1996.

The Dogs

There are 12 of us ... 11 Siberian Husky and 1 Boxer, come and meet us for an experience of a lifetime!

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